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C# and C# 2008 For Dummies

Visit this page from time to time, as I'll be adding more resources to help you in your quest to master C#.

The Center of the C# Universe: Microsoft's C# Developer Site

Visit Microsoft's C# Site

Where to Get and Give Help on C#-Related Problems: Microsoft's C# Forum

Visit Microsoft's C# Forum: a Place to Ask and Answer C# Questions and Solve C# Problems

If you're looking for help with a problem program, please try Microsoft's C# site, the C# Forum, or other Web information sources before emailing the authors. We love to help, but please keep in mind that we have too many irons in the fire to be a Help Desk.

Glossaries of Terms Related to C#

Visit C# Online: .NET/C# Glossary

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The Handy Utility Programs I Originally Intended to Include on the Book's CD-ROM (When There Was Going to Be One)

Visit the utilities page for a list of recommended programming utilities.

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