The Bonus Site for C# 2008 For Dummies

This page contains the code for the 2008 edition and tells you where you can get the code for the 2010 edition of C# For Dummies.

Code Examples for C# 2008 For Dummies

The book includes well over 100 small example programs, each focused on demonstrating one idea, one technique, or one piece of C#. They used to be provided on a CD, but this time around we decided to put them on a Web site. You can download them below.

NEW: More Examples - See below.

Notes for Downloading


Download everything for both editions of the book:

Download the code for a particular 2008 edition chapter:

Code for the nine Bonus Chapters is included when you download a bonus chapter.

More Examples

BigPigLatin - Translate text into Pig Latin.

Download source code you can build yourself.

Notes for Downloaders

Note: All downloads are in the form of .ZIP files. You'll need to extract them to a directory on your hard drive.

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