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Bonus Chapters for C# 2008 For Dummies

Two new bonus chapters - 1.9.11 - see Bonus Chapters 8 & 9 below

Eighteen fascinating C# chapters in the book just aren't enough. So here are nine more!

Note: See the Notes for Downloaders below the download list for some useful information.


HERE: Select this link to Download all of the bonus chapters. Includes the code examples mentioned in the chapters.

(Note that this is a fairly big download--so it may take some time.)

Or download individual chapters:

But that's not all. The site also provides numerous articles describing various C# features I didn't have room for in the book.

Notes for Downloaders

Note: The downloads below present the chapter files in two formats (although not in all cases). Where available, the .DOC file is provided for downloaders who have a version of Microsoft Word prior to Word 2007. Where available, the .XML file opens in Word 2007 if you have it - this file is in the WordML format, a special language for representing Word documents as XML code. Just note that this .XML file is a Word-based chapter.

Note: Because it contains numerous graphics, Bonus Chapter 5 is a large download: 21 MB even compressed.

Note: All downloads are .ZIP files. You need to extract these to a directory on your hard drive.

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