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Articles for Download

These articles are items that I had no room for in the book or that I've added since. Just click a link to download. The downloads include all code examples mentioned in an article.

About Code and Coding

What Should Code Look Like

Exceptions and Error Handling

Creating Your Own Exception Class

Using the Strong Exception Guarantee - See Bonus Chapter 2. Some Exceptional Exceptions

C# Techniques

Querying an Object As a Collection with LINQ

Converting Between Byte and Char Arrays

Making Value Types Immutable

Enumerating the Charms of the Enum

Restarting a Class Hierarchy with Virtual

Passing Arguments to a Program!

Unit Testing & Refactoring

Introducing Unit Testing

Introducing Refactoring

Breaking Dependencies

Introducing NUnitForms

Refactoring for Testability

Testing Internal Methods in Visual Studio

Unit Testing Through Interfaces

What to Test and What Not to Test

Test-Driven Development (TDD)

Learn TDD By Using It To Write TicTacToe

Miscellaneous Topics

C# Features Not Covered in the Book, and Major App Areas for C#